nuDAWN Heat

Jet COrrect Techology

Our revolutionary JetCOrrect Technology is superior to all other burn systems because it is a stable, highly efficient burner that minimizes the production of harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxide. The inconel burner, the same metal used in jet engines, is supplied with the perfect mixture of fuel and air which increases efficiencies. To put it plainly, our technology is the best because it doesn’t create the bad gases that hurt people.

Smart Sensor

We didn’t just stop at 0 carbon monoxide emissions, we wanted nuDAWN to be the first heater that will actually sense and respond to the “silent killer” carbon monoxide.  Our “smart sensor system” incorporates both an oxygen and carbon monoxide sensor that are each calibrated to the exact CSA standards and will shut the heater down if either gas gets to an unsafe level.  Plus, the sensor takes readings of the surrounding air every 30 seconds and communicates to the user with a sophisticated LED light system.  Essentially, it’s you and your family’s “guardian angel” when you’re using nuDAWN!

Carbon Monoxide: The “Silent Killer”

Carbon Monoxide is commonly called the “silent killer” and tragically claims the lives of people every year caused by carbon monoxide asphyxiation.  During 1999-2010, a total of 5,149 deaths from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning occurred in the United States alone, an average of 430 deaths per year.  Consumers get cold and have a need for warmth but unfortunately, as statistics show, they use heat sources that aren’t safe indoors.  nuDAWN HEAT and it’s JetCOrrect technology is going to offer consumers a safe, efficient, and odorless solution to this problem.

The CPSC has a carbon monoxide safety page dedicated to educating consumers on the dangers of carbon monoxide and safety tips.

Warm Up

All along we wanted nuDAWN to be the perfect companion whether people are out in cold conditions or huddled up in the house during a power outage.  A hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea with a hot bowl of soup always hits the spot when trying to warm up!

Stays Lit

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to keep re-lighting your heater because it blows out when even a small gust of wind blows.  Our flame is completely enclosed in the combustion chamber which eliminates this problem. So go ahead and use nuDAWN wherever you want and trust that it will keep burning in any conditions.

Take Anywhere

Unlike the other popular portable heater on the market, nuDAWN doesn’t use an “ODS” sensor, or in other words a pressure sensor.  When taken in the mountains for camping, big game hunting, etc, the current heater being offered to the market doesn’t perform well at higher elevations because the pressure changes which makes the heater shut off.  nuDAWN, however, has an actual electronic oxygen sensor so go ahead and use it up in the mountains.  You should be entitled to stay warm too!


We stand behind nuDAWN 100% and want to show you our commitment and loyalty to you by offering the following warranty.

ScentFree Outdoors, LLC warrants nuDAWN HEAT to be free of defects due to workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from date of purchase. ScentFree Outdoors, LLC will repair or replace the heater free of charge if it has been determined to be defective within this 3 year period and is returned at the customer’s expense with the proof of purchase to ScentFree Outdoors, LLC within the 3 year time period. This warranty is only applicable if the individual heater was registered on our website at time of purchase.