About Us

We both love to spend time in God’s great outdoors and in the woods of northern Michigan there is always plenty to do.  Early in our friendship, we would spend time in the truck traveling to Dan’s hunting property.  Typically, the conversation revolved around the two of us sharing new product ideas to be used in the outdoors.  After deciding to start a new business venture, we sat down and agreed on which product idea would be the most disruptive while solving the largest problem.

A number of years ago, Dan was whitetail hunting with his dad Lou.  It was mid November and Lou was using an old propane heater to help take the chill off in his hunting blind.  Not long after lighting the heater, he noticed he was starting to get a headache and was feeling nauseous.  Luckily, Lou had the sense to get out of the blind and get some fresh air while he still could.  Dan ended up taking him to the ER where he was treated for the early stages of carbon monoxide poisoning.  The doctor told him he was lucky and much longer in the blind, he would have passed out.  Unfortunately, we all have heard stories of people that aren’t as fortunate as Lou was that day.

nuDAWN HEAT is the result of years of R&D with one one sole mission: to develop a burn system that would finally offer people a safe, efficient, and odorless portable source of heat.  We partnered with an engineer from a large university and after a few months of proof of concept, we had a revolutionary burner that virtually eliminated toxic gases.  We had a standard that we set early on and never deviated from, “rustic yet modern”, and nuDAWN is just that.  Essentially, we’ve taken the same level of top quality materials and technology that you’d find on home furnace, and put a handle on it.  The first ever portable furnace!

Folks deserve to be able to stay warm in chilly conditions without having to feel uneasy about their safety.  So go ahead, get outdoors and stay warm, there’s a new age “dawning” in portable gas heaters.  Enjoy your nuDAWN and let us know how it’s enhanced you and your families experiences!

An Introduction